Blast Gauge System

A Revolutionary Advancement In Explosive Blast Monitoring And Surveillance

The Blast Gauge System


ADG provides military and tactical customers around the world with a growing and diversified portfolio of products that span the survivability spectrum.

Developed in conjunction with DARPA, the Blast Gauge® System was initially deployed by the U.S. Army to measure blast overpressure that troops experienced from IED detonations and incoming fire. The Blast Gauge System’s 2011 fielding led to a shocking discovery:

75% of the recorded blast exposures were from service members using their own heavy weapons during training and combat.

The Blast Gauge System is a set of three lightweight wearable sensors that measure blast overpressure. The captured data is analyzed and stored on data monitoring software to help improve future operations, training, and research.

The Blast Gauge System

The Blast Gauge System

Features & Benefits

  • Android compatible
  • Wide Pressure Measurement Range
  • Rapid Sampling Rate For Both Overpressure And Acceleration
  • Dashboard Software Compatible With COTS Devices
  • Low Profile/Weight With Battery Life Up To 1-Year
  • Commercial And Military Variants
  • Proprietary Blast Wave Contextualization Algorithm

We Can Be Faster

Through the Blast Gauge System, B3 and CSI can help military and civilian agencies immediately begin monitoring all blast-exposed personnel and reduce risk by informing blast safety protocols and establishing preventative blast safety.

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