C4 CBRN Gas Mask

Regardless of phase of conflict or stability, personnel executing critical tasks in high-risk areas require enhanced survivability to operate effectively.



ADG provides military and tactical customers around the world with a growing and diversified portfolio of products that span the survivability spectrum.


AirBoss C4 CBRN Gas Mask is a trusted and essential kit component of military and first-response forces worldwide. Made with durable molded materials and ballistic polycarbonate lenses, it provides excellent protection with minimal burden. Light and comfortable, the AirBoss C4 is the ultimate in a CE-certified CBRN mask.

ADG Gas Mask

Shatterproof polycarbonate lenses.

ADG Gas Mask

Unique stretch fabric head harness.

Product Advantages

Light & Comfortable
NATO’s lightest mask, the C4 is a negative-pressure, full-face respirator with an ergonomic butyl face piece designed for challenging operations and activities.

Easy to Don & Doff
With its stretch-fabric head harness and two simple adjustment pull straps, the C4 respirator is easily donned and doffed.

Clear Visibility
The mask’s non-fogging, fragmentation-proof polycarbonate lenses provide outstanding peripheral and ground visibility.

Proven High Performance

Chemical and Biological: Provides excellent protection against CW agents and TICs when used with an appropriate filter; impermeable to all biological agents.

Toxic Industrial Chemical: Excellent protection against a wide range of TICs (list available upon request)

Face-piece Specifications

Face-piece: Bromobutyl Rubber

Inner Mask: Silicone

Valve Discs: Silicone, Natural Rubber

Lenses: Polycarbonate


Operational Range: -45°C to 70°C (-49°F to 158°F)

Storage: -55°C to 60°C (-67°F to 140°F)

Shelf Life: 15 years in original package if properly stored

Sizes: 4

Color: Black (also available in olive green or tan for large orders)

Weight (without filter): 440 g (1 lb) per unit (size M)

Packaging: Vacuumed foil bag (3000 cm3)

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