First Response Shelter

A larger version of our Command Post Shelter, the First Response Shelter provides protection for triage, against extreme weather, or temporary lodging.

First Response shelter


ADG provides military and tactical customers around the world with a growing and diversified portfolio of products that span the survivability spectrum.


Lightweight and rapidly deployable, it can be set up by three people in less than two minutes, freeing up resources and time for priority operations. The exterior canopy and interior frame deliver ample area to hang equipment and its full-length screened window offers excellent ventilation.
Pre-fabricated design ensures state-of-the-art performance. Can be repaired if required while deployed, ensuring continuity of operations.

Provides a larger, rapidly deployable, easily transportable, multi-use shelter.

  • Exterior canopy allows frame to be on the interior providing ample area to hang equipment
  • Corrosion-resistant anodized frame and chemical resistant fabric for long life
  • Comes with repair and anchor kit
  • Full length screened windows provide outstanding ventilation
  • Collapses into a 3′ x 3′ x 3′ cube, small storage and transport footprint
  • Comes with a repair kit and an anchor kit
  • Door openings on both ends

Accessory Equipment

Military or civilian organization in need of a sturdy, yet lightweight shelter.

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