FR-C2A1 Cartridge

Protects the user against a plethora of particulates, gases and military Chemical Warfare Agents.

C2A1 Comm Filter


ADG provides military and tactical customers around the world with a growing and diversified portfolio of products that span the survivability spectrum.


The FR-C2A1 Filter provides NIOSH-approved protection, meeting or exceeding 42 CFR Part 84 requirements. Ruggedly reliable and tested under both U.S. military and NIOSH protocols, it is in use throughout the U.S. Department of Defense. When properly stored, it enjoys a 10 year shelf life. AirBoss Defense is the only manufacturer of this filter.
It has proven itself in all laboratory testing and is the primary filter used by the U.S. Army for chemical warfare protection. Reliable, rugged and having a long standing history with the U.S. DoD for personal protection. Very strong capabilities against chemical warfare agents.
See below for the particulates, civilian, and military warfare gases it protects against.

NIOSH-Approved Protection meeting/exceeding 42 CFR Part 84 requirements. Tested under both U.S. military and NIOSH protocols, meets or exceeds all requirements.


Military or civilian personnel who may come in contact with the particulates and/or the gases shown below.


NIOSH-Approved Protection meeting/exceeding 42 CFR Part 84 requirements:

  • Particulates (APR) –P100
  • Particulates (PAPR) – HE
  • Chlorine – (CL)
  • Hydrogen Chloride – (HC)
  • Sulfur Dioxide – (SD)
  • o-Chlorobenzylidene malononitrile – (CS Tear Gas)
  • α-Chloroacetophenone – (CN Tear Gas)

Military Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) Protection:

  • Chloropicrin – (PS)
  • Cyanogen Chloride – (CK)
  • Dimethyl Methylphosphonate – (DMMP)
  • Hydrogen Cyanide – (AC)
  • Phosgene – (CG)
  • Sarin – (GB)

*Note: There are no NIOSH approval protocols for the above chemical agents when tested in accordance with the requirements foot-noted in the chemical warfare agent test table (see brochure).

NIOSH Approved Configuration with the IRT FR-C2A1 Filter.


Part Number: S-70019-F01

Shelf Life: 10 Years (Foil-Sealed; S-70019-F01) or 5 Years (Polybag; S-70019-001)

Diameter: 4.23 inches (107mm)

Height: 3.0 inches (76mm) overall

Approx. Weight: 9 ounces (255 grams)

Connection: EN 148-1 (40mm) NATO thread

Body Material: Noryl® GFN1

Pressure Drop: 40 mm (nominal) measured at NIOSH airflow rate of 85 lpm

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