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ADG provides military and tactical customers around the world with a growing and diversified portfolio of products that span the survivability spectrum.

3D Radar

CSI, in partnership with NIITEK, offers 3D-Radar. This capability provides reliable automatic detection of threats across the spectrum of operational depths. Originally developed in response to an urgent requirement from the United States Army, 3D-Radar leverages rugged commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS, Non-ITAR restricted) technology components – including the radar itself – as key building blocks of a modular, integrated system. This approach has allowed for continual evolution and improvement at the rate of technological advances in the commercial marketplace. Coupled with the hardware, custom software provides automatic target detection (ATD) cues and affords the operator the ability to visualize and interrogate 3-dimensional data in real time.

Husky with 3D Radar

Husky with HMDS


The combat-proven combination of the Husky vehicle with NIITEK’s VISOR™ 2500 Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) forms the US Army’s HMDS and provides unprecedented performance in the automatic detection, recognition, and precision marking of buried explosive hazards. Based on proven breakthrough GPR technology, HMDS combines advanced real-time ATR algorithms, optional integrated metallic and nonmetallic threat detection, automatic precision marking, and user-friendly software all in a ruggedized, supportable, and affordable package.


  • Breakthrough probability of detection and false alarm rate performance
  • Automated sensor height control
  • Intuitive controls/touch screen display
  • 3-D subsurface visualization
  • Readily adaptable to other vehicles


  • High confidence countermine operations
  • Maximized protection of operators
  • Optimized performance on uneven terrain
  • Rapid proficiency / ease of use
  • Visualization of buried threats
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