S-Frame Shelter

A multi-use shelter providing 420 square feet of usable space.

S-Frame Multi-Purpose


ADG provides military and tactical customers around the world with a growing and diversified portfolio of products that span the survivability spectrum.


The Shelter (S-Frame) can stand alone or be part of a semi-permanent camp. Units can be complexed together to form larger structures for billeting or messing. Tested to Army wind, rain, and snow standards, it is impervious to rain, snow, dust, and insects, as well as resistant to water, chemicals, flame, and fungus. It can be heated or air-conditioned and collapses to a 5’ X 5’ square for easy transport.

The shelter can be complexed together to form larger structures. Can be used for billeting, messing & more. Lighting and power are available. Can be deployed by 6-8 people in less than 15 minutes.

  • Inner fabric attached to the articulating frame w/affixed plenum
  • HVAC ports provided
  • Doors at both of the shelter end walls
  • Side window openings and screens for ample ventilation
  • Snorkel ports provide entry for power cables
  • Multiple metal interior loops on both sides of the shelter provide ample “wall hanging” options
  • Water, chemical, flame, and fungus resistant for a long life

Accessory Equipment

Any military or civilian organization a rapidly deployable, multi-use shelter.

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