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What is a PAPR and how can it help keep me safe?

Airboss Defense Group (ADG) provides high-quality products and services to the industries and workers that need them most. ADG products perform when personal protection, job safety, and continued worker efficiency is crucial.

Purifying units and respirators are increasingly important in fields like healthcare, manufacturing, personal care, beauty, and waste cleanup. In preparation for and in response to hazardous work environments that require personal air purification, ADG designed the FlexAir™ Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) System.

The FlexAir™ PAPR System, and others like it, increase personal safety without hindering worker efficiency or effectiveness. That’s why professionals around the world deploy PAPR systems for necessary personal air purification.

What is a PAPR System?

Powered air purifying respirators (PAPRs) are devices worn and used as individual purifying air units. PAPR systems are developed with individual comfort and ease of use in mind, but they’re primarily designed to serve as self-contained air filtration safety units.

These systems are used to create a safe breathing environment in situations where air contaminants such as bacteria and virus particles are primary health concerns.

How does the FlexAir™ PAPR System Work?

A PAPR system, and the FlexAir™ PAPR System specifically, creates a pressurized cool air environment around the user’s face. This airspace is not only comfortable, it’s completely sanitized and filtered for maximum safety.

The design of the FlexAir™ PAPR System makes it easy for users to follow a simple, multi-step process to attach the device around the waist and over the head. No fit testing is required as the headpiece itself is large enough but snug enough to adapt to the user’s needs. Things like beards or long hair are no problem.

Once secured, a Lithium-Ion battery powers a waist-mounted blower unit that pulls unfiltered air through a filtration system. This cooled, filtered air is then passed through the connecting tube and delivered to the headpiece to facilitate clean, unlabored breathing.

  • Compatible with either 2 high-efficiency particulate filters or 3 M96 combination cartridges
  • Protection against organic vapors, gases, and particulates
  • Universal rapid battery charger
  • Filter replacement and low battery alarms
  • NIOSH approved
  • OSHA compliant

Why a PAPR System is Safer than a Traditional Mask

Simply put, traditional masks don’t offer the coverage or protection that most PAPR systems offer. Even plastic face shields and medical-grade protective face coverings leave room for contamination.

Traditional masks and face coverings require a strong seal around the mouth for maximum respiratory protection. Whether through user error or adjusting the mask, many wearers break that seal over the course of a workday.

CDC- and NIOSH-approved PAPR systems offer complete separation between the user and an unfiltered environment. P100 filters (like those compatible with the FlexAir™ PAPR System) filter out 99.97% of airborne particulates.

PAPR systems are splash protective, and the total face coverage offered means there’s no need for constant mask adjusting. If you do need to adjust the head piece, there’s no skin on skin contact which prevents cross-contamination.

PAPR systems are more comfortable and more effective than traditional masks and face coverings regardless of the work environment.

PAPR Systems Keep Your Workers Safe

The FlexAir™ PAPR System is ideal for work environments that require constant human interaction with possible airborne contaminants. Today, that could be any profession that works in close proximity to other people, from healthcare to the beauty industry, waste management or commercial manufacturing.

Ideal PAPR system use environments:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Infections disease
  • Forensics/pathology/autopsy
  • Waste clean up
  • Mold remediation
  • Asbestos abatement
  • Chemical suicide incidents
  • Chemical and industrial manufacturing
  • Welding
  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture

The FlexAir™ PAPR System offers exceptional respiratory protection in situations where face coverings and personal air filtration is required. The universal, loose-fitting headpiece allows the user to have long hair, facial hair, or glasses without interfering with filtration operation.

Regardless of the industry, a high-quality PAPR system will improve user comfort, maximize filtration efficiency, and increase worker safety.

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