Vehicle-mounted crane system designed to interrogate, confirm, and classify suspected explosive threats with safe standoff.

Key Features

Designed to enhance physical investigation and classification of suspected explosive threats, the vehicle-mounted interrogation arm allows operators to inform others of threat remediation activities without dismounting protected vehicles and risking exposure. The arm enhances crew survivability and clearance mission efficiency by enabling rapid, safe deployment and manipulation of an articulating, non-invasive investigation tool from inside the safety of the vehicle crew compartment.

Articulating claw

The proprietary grasping rake attachment enables operators to safely inspect and classify potential mines, UXOs, IEDs, and other suspected hazards.

Enhanced optics

Thermal imaging integrated onto the crane extension enables users to search for explosive threats otherwise obscured from the route, behind barriers, inside culverts, and in other locations not viewable from the vehicle.

Dual cameras

With the addition of a junction box and boom camera cable, two cameras can be used in concert: one camera equipped with a spotlight mounted at the end of the boom and one wide-angle camera at the knuckle for a broad view of the interrogation area.

Optional air/water digger

The air or water jet attachment further enhances non-disruptive interrogating in hard compacted soil. The water jet can penetrate the soil with compaction values of over 20 tons per square foot, creating a trench 5 inches deep and 10 inches long. The air tool can remove debris to expose pressure-sensitive explosives.

Instrument display

CANbus sensors create feedback for every crane function along with visual indicators to inform operators of relative position, articulation angle, extended distance, lifting pressure, and weight at the boom tip. An autostow button smoothly returns the crane to its stow cradle regardless of orientation.

Hydraulic Pump Unit (HPU) upgrades

The HPU upgrade allows arm operation at higher flow, adding more runtime and enabling multiple crane functions to be activated at once, reducing interrogation time.


The easy-to-deploy interface system and vehicle- specific mounting kits provide integration options for a wide range of clearance vehicles.


Base Crane Lifting Capacity
  • 903 lbs @ 8'10 (410 kg @ 2.7 m)
  • 1135 lbs @ 13'3 (515 kg @ 4 m)
Pan/Tilt near IR and Thermal Capable Camera
Pump Capacity
2 gpm (7.6 lpm)
Tank Capacity
4 gal (15.2 l)
12 V dc or 24 V dc
  • 638 lb (289.39 kg)
Working Pressure
2600 psi (18 MP)

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Interrogation Arm

Vehicle-mounted crane system designed to interrogate, confirm, and classify suspected explosive threats with safe standoff.

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