• /sərˈvaɪvəbi-lə-tē/
n. Concept which includes all aspects of protecting personnel, weapons, and supplies.

– U.S. Department of Defense

ADG solutions span the breadth of survivability response.





ADG Is Survivability.

Survivability Matters.

Personnel are a security force’s most important asset.

  • Effective operations depend on human decision making on the ground.
  • Personnel are an investment most effective when operating within managed risk.
  • Enemy forces leverage the potential of risk to personnel for strategic gain.

Survivability Saves.

The ability to survive lethal events is invaluable, protecting a unit’s investment in their personnel and increasing a servicemember’s effectiveness through the gained experience.

Survivability Improves.

Regardless of phase of conflict or stability, personnel executing critical tasks in high-risk areas require enhanced survivability to operate effectively. ADG can help.

Protecting Investments

Survivability assets ensure that investments in personnel and equipment are protected, increasing an elements operational endurance.

Disrupting Threats

Survivability assets reduce viability of threat weapon systems and their effects, forcing disruptive limitations to enemy strategic options.

Enhancing Effectiveness

Survivability assets enable personnel executing complex tasks in high-risk environments to focus on those tasks instead of adjacent threats.

Enabling Control

Survivability assets reduce operational restrictions, allowing leaders to move personnel where they are needed, without compensating effectiveness.

Want to get involved?

ADG is an umbrella survivability group that provides military and tactical customers around the world with a growing and diversified portfolio of products that span the survivability spectrum.