Cover of the AirBoss 100 Half Mask Brochure brochure

AirBoss 100 Half Mask Brochure

This brochure includes features, benefits, detailed specifications, and ordering information.

Cover of the FlexAir PAPR System brochure

FlexAir PAPR System

The FlexAir is a NIOSH-approved, compact, lightweight powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) providing filtered particulate protection at 99.97% efficiency.

Cover of the Low-Burden Mask brochure

Low-Burden Mask

The LBM is one of the lightest military respirators available. It maximizes protection and comfort while minimizing breathing resistance.

Cover of the C4 CBRN Gas Mask brochure

C4 CBRN Gas Mask

The AirBoss C4 CBRN Gas Mask is a trusted and essential kit component of military and first-response forces worldwide.

Cover of the C420 PAPR System brochure

C420 PAPR System

The C420 PAPR is the most popular first-responder PAPR system in the world. Proven in military, tactical, aviation, and industrial applications.

Cover of the Riot Control Cartridge brochure

Riot Control Cartridge

The Riot Control Cartridge is a solution specifically designed to protect against riot control agents/gases.

Cover of the Filters and Cartridges brochure

Filters and Cartridges

AirBoss filters protect against a wide range of chem-bio agents and contaminants. Our filters can be used individually or in a dual configuration.

Cover of the Molded Glove brochure

Molded Glove

Hand protection without compromise. There is simply no better CBRN glove engineered specifically for military and first-response forces.

Cover of the Molded Lightweight Overboot brochure

Molded Lightweight Overboot

The ultimate overboot for protection against the hazardous materials found on the battlefield.

Cover of the Extreme Cold Weather Mukluk brochure

Extreme Cold Weather Mukluk

Built for cold weather operations, this boot is designed for high traction and mobility in frozen environments.

Cover of the Vapor Barrier Bunny Boot brochure

Vapor Barrier Bunny Boot

Designed specifically for military use in extreme cold weather environments. Currently in use by all US military forces.

Cover of the Shelter Solutions brochure

Shelter Solutions

Family of expeditionary shelters and isolation units for decontamination and general-purpose employment, as well as a breadth of accessories for crisis response, medical contingency, and command and control of operations.

Cover of the The Blast Gauge System® brochure

The Blast Gauge System®

The Blast Gauge System is the best tool for understanding and mitigating the long-term effects of blast overpressure exposure. The set of three wearable overpressure sensors captures blast exposure in an easy-to-use and near- autonomous system.

Cover of the Bandolier brochure


A lightweight modular explosive system, configurable for a range of emplacement methods and targets, reducing dependence on time-consuming, cumbersome, single-role explosives for in-stride breaching.

Cover of the Husky 2G Vehicle brochure

Husky 2G Vehicle

Built to withstand IED blast protection, small arms fire, and the most rugged terrain imaginable, the Husky 2G is built for operator survivability and effective route clearance operations.

Cover of the Rollover Detection and Warning System brochure

Rollover Detection and Warning System

Vehicle sensor that alerts the operator of impending dangerous vehicle rollover conditions based on terrain, operation, and vehicle limitations.

Cover of the Interrogation Arm brochure

Interrogation Arm

Vehicle-mounted crane system designed to interrogate, confirm, and classify suspected explosive threats with safe standoff.

Cover of the 360 Situational Awareness Camera Suite brochure

360 Situational Awareness Camera Suite

A system of integrated video cameras providing vehicle operators with increased visibility and operational awareness around the vehicle.

Cover of the Sentinel Max Level 2 Isolation Gown brochure

Sentinel Max Level 2 Isolation Gown

Full coverage gown with secure neck and waist ties using gown SMS material attached to the gown and integrated elastic cuffs.

Cover of the Guardian Max Level 2 Isolation Gown brochure

Guardian Max Level 2 Isolation Gown

Full coverage gown with hook and loop neck closure, gown SMS material attached to the gown for waist tie closure and elastic cuffs.

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