The AirBossLBMLow Burden Mask

Providing outstanding protection with an industry-leading design, the LBM offers the best balance of operational capability, comfort, and protection.

Key Features

The LBM is one of the lightest military respirators available and offers optimum weight distribution, and minimal breathing resistance.

Comfortable secure fit

Unique stretching fabric with two points of adjustment. Frontal fused attachment prevents hotspots and rubbing even when worn with helmet.

Mission configurable

Compatible with most SCBAs and PAPRs for operation driven protection.

Enhanced visual acuity

Ballistic, scratch and fog resistant lens with superior field of view.

Safe hydration

Easy-to-use drinking system connects to a canteen for user hydration without contamination.

Tailorable optical protection

Clear, sun, and laser protective outserts for specific operational needs.

Pressure adjustable

A positive pressure module (PPM) attachment allows the mask to switch between negative and positive pressure.

Clear communication

A voice projection unit (VPU) accessory, allows the user to amplify and project their voice for increased clarity.

Filter interoperability

40mm standard NATO filter threads allows the mask to be used with multiple filter options.


Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), and Extra Large (XL)
  • 1 lb (454 g) per unit (size L, without filter)
NIOSH certified with HE filter
Vacuum foil bag
Bromobutyl Rubber
Valve Discs
Silicone, Natural Rubber
Inner Mask

Works with these products

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Low-Burden Mask

The LBM is one of the lightest military respirators available. It maximizes protection and comfort while minimizing breathing resistance.

Filters and Cartridges

AirBoss filters protect against a wide range of chem-bio agents and contaminants. Our filters can be used individually or in a dual configuration.

Riot Control Cartridge

The Riot Control Cartridge is a solution specifically designed to protect against riot control agents/gases.

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