S-Frame Shelter

A very large, modular multi-use shelter providing 420 square feet of usable space. Can be complexed together to form even larger structures. Ideal for hospital use, rehabilitation, or storage.

Key Features

Patented articulating frame

Patented articulating frame with corrosion resistant anodized aluminum. Design facilitates rapid deployment; shelter can operate with 30% of frame missing or broken.

Durable outer canopy

Outer canopy secured to the frame. Water, chemical, flame, and fungus resistance to provide for long life.

Inner fabric liner

Inner fabric liner is affixed to the articulating frame and includes a permanently affixed plenum to the side of the liner.

HVAC port

An HVAC port is provided in the fabric liner inside the lower end of the plenum to which an HVAC supply duct would be attached. The plenum directs the flow of the HVAC air up to the top of the shelter.

Two doors and side windows

Door at the middle of both of the shelter end walls. Side window openings with covers and screens for ample warm-weather ventilation.

Snorkeled ports

Snorkeled ports for connecting ducts from optional HVAC equipment for climate control. Snorkeled ports to provide entry for optional power cables for lighting and other optional equipment requiring electrical power.


Available Dimensions
  • 252“L x 240“W x 120”H
  • (Cross straps at 95” H)
Shelter Weight
  • 486 lb (220.45 kg) Shelter/Ground Cloth/Push Poles Weight
Shipping Weight
  • 615 lb (278.96 kg)
Stored Cube
48“ x 48“ x 48”
Exterior Fabric
Interior Fabric
Part Number

Includes the following

Shelter includes:

  • 25' Push Poles
  • 1Anchor Kit
  • 1Repair Kit
  • 1Transport Bag
  • 1Ground Cloth

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