Casualty Management Shelter

This large, multi-use shelter is ideally suited for mass casualty care, command and control, triage, rehab, billeting, and equipment storage.

Key Features

Pre-fabricated design

Pre-fabricated design insures state-of-the- art performance, reliability and speed of deployment and break-down.

Exposed interior articulating frame

Exposed interior articulating frame maximizes hanging equipment .

Corrosion/chemical resistance and general durability

Patented corrosion resistant anodized aluminum frame with chemical resistant fab- ric provides for long life and reliability. Can perform with up to 30% of frame missing or broken.

Compact tent footprint and lightweight design

Compact footprint and light weight insure easy three person deployment within 3 minutes under any conditions.

Screened side windows

Full length screened side windows provide ambient light and warm-weather ventilation.


Available Dimensions
  • 205“L x 192“W x 113”H
  • 256“L x 192“W x 113”H
  • 285”L x 192”W x 123”H
Shelter Weight
  • 159 lb (72.12 kg)
Shipping Weight
  • 372 lb (168.74 kg)
Stored Cube
38“ x 38“ x 38”
Exterior Fabric
Customer specified
Interior fabric
Part Number

Includes the following

Shelter includes:

  • 214” diameter Snorkeled Portsper side
  • 2Paneled Zippered End Doorswith Tie-backs
  • 1Ground Cloth
  • 1Anchor Kit
  • 1Repair Kit
  • 1Transport Bag
  • 2Push Poles, 60' L

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Shelter Solutions

Family of expeditionary shelters and isolation units for decontamination and general-purpose employment, as well as a breadth of accessories for crisis response, medical contingency, and command and control of operations.

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