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Scalable personal protection from a full range of respiratory hazards and Chem-Bio threats for defense, medical, and law enforcement personnel operating in high-risk areas.

Picture of the AirBoss 100 Half Mask

AirBoss 100 Half Mask

This NIOSH approved respirator is the next step forward in personal protective equipment. It is lightweight and comfortable, and easy-to-use. The reusable mask that carries the protective power of the N100 filter.

Picture of the FlexAir PAPR System

FlexAir PAPR System

The FlexAir is a NIOSH-approved, compact, lightweight powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) providing filtered particulate protection at 99.97% efficiency.


AirBoss filters are designed to protect against a wide range of chem-bio agents and contaminants. Our line of filters can be used individually or in a dual configuration for maximum effect in the harshest of environments.

Picture of the HE 100 Filter

HE 100 Filter

The HE 100 filter is designed to be the ultimate respiratory protection against particulates and pathogens.


These lightweight and compact shelters all include interior basins to contain waste water and shower nozzles on interior fabric to saturate patients with 360┬░ of spray. Also available in system packages that include additional fittings designed for heavy use and additional accessories and components.

Picture of the Individual Decontamination Shelter


For effective decontamination of a single ambulatory person. The shelter incorporates a profile that accommodates individuals fully outfitted in PPE.

Picture of the Decontamination Shelter

2 Line

For effective decontamination of mass casualties with a compact footprint in an extremely portable and light weight package.

Picture of the Decontamination Shelter

3 Line

For effective decontamination of both ambulatory and non-ambulatory casualties within the same compact footprint.

Picture of the Decontamination Shelter

4 Line

For effective decontamination of both ambulatory and non-ambulatory casualties within the same compact footprint.

General Purpose

Prefabricated design ensures state-of-the- art performance, reliability and speed of deployment and break-down. With multiple options, there is a solution that meets almost any need.

Picture of the Command Post Shelter

Command Post

Lightweight, rapidly deployable capability designed to deliver immediate protection for command and control, communication, triage, or comfort in extreme conditions.

Picture of the First Response Shelter

First Response

A larger version of our Command Post Shelter, the First Response Shelter provides protection for triage, against extreme weather, or temporary lodging.

Picture of the Casualty Management Shelter

Casualty Management

This large, multi-use shelter is ideally suited for mass casualty care, command and control, triage, rehab, billeting, and equipment storage.

Picture of the S-Frame Shelter


A very large, modular multi-use shelter providing 420 square feet of usable space.

Isolation Gowns

Full-coverage, single-use, non-sterile, level 2 isolation gowns. All gowns are 100% sourced and manufactured in the United States of America.

Picture of the Guardian Max

Guardian Max

Full coverage gown with hook and loop neck closure, gown SMS material attached to the gown for waist tie closure and elastic cuffs.

Picture of the Sentinel Max

Sentinel Max

Full coverage gown with secure neck and waist ties using gown SMS material attached to the gown and integrated elastic cuffs.

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