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The AirbossFLEXAIRPAPR System

Key Features

Filtered air is delivered through the waist-mounted blower unit to the user’s headpiece via a lightweight and flexible breathing hose. The flexible design permits multiple filter configurations providing NIOSH-approved biological and/or chemical protection tailored to the environment.

Back of male nurse wearing FlexAir PAPR system with hood

Simple and easy to use design

A simple design with filter, hose, charging ports, and an on/ off switch allows for easy, straightforward operation, permitting the provider to focus on patient care while knowing they are protected.

Comfortable extended wear

More comfort and flexible applications promote maximum use for extended periods, ensuring protection to providers in any circumstance.

Reduced user burden

Exceeds NIOSH airflow requirements of 170 liters per minute (lpm), reducing pulmonary stress and risk of respiratory illness. The design provides the highest levels of protection without interfering with patient care or additional strain on the healthcare provider.

Ultimate respiratory protection

Use in a two-filter, high-efficiency configuration for biological protection, or a three-cartridge combination for protection against organic vapors, acid gases, ammonia, formaldehyde, methylamine, and particulates.

Lightweight and compact blower

The comfortable, waist-mounted blower weighs 1.3 pounds, including the onboard battery, in a compact 3-inch by 5-inch square box threaded on an adjustable belt.

Advanced warning system

Two independent, audible alarms for low airflow and low battery facilitate safe and timely exits from contaminated areas.


Flow Rate
Greater than 170 lpm
Battery Type
Integrated Lithium battery
Battery Life
Up to 500 charge/discharge cycles
Battery Duration
Up to 7.5 hours on a full charge
Filter and Cartridge Options
  • Three M96 Cartridges (HE/AM/CD/CL/FM/HC/HF/MA/OV/SD)
  • or two HE 100 Cartridges (particulates, aerosols, bio-hazards)
Healthcare related applications
Dimensions (without cartridges)
  • FlexAir PAPR Blower
  • Width: 3.7 in (94 mm)
  • Height: 5.27 in (134 mm)
  • Length: 4.15 in (105 mm)
Weight of FlexAir
  • 3.87 lb (1.76 kg) with three M96 cartridges
  • 1.74 lb (789 g) with two HE 100 filters
  • 1.32 lb (599 g) Blower with battery

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Cover of the FlexAir PAPR System brochure

FlexAir PAPR System

The FlexAir is a NIOSH-approved, compact, lightweight powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR) providing filtered particulate protection at 99.97% efficiency.

Cover of the Filters and Cartridges brochure

Filters and Cartridges

AirBoss filters protect against a wide range of chem-bio agents and contaminants. Our filters can be used individually or in a dual configuration.

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