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An easy-to-use and near-autonomous system

The Blast Gauge® System is a set of 3 wearable sensors that collect multidirectional overpressure, acceleration, and body loading data for detailed blast event data collection, analysis, and exposure monitoring.

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Mobile Connectivity

The Blast Gauge app on the screen of a mobile device

The Blast Gauge® System App (BGSA) for Android™ allows for near real-time data analysis and download with Bluetooth 4.1

Easy to Use

  1. Quickly set up, activate, and assign gauges to an individual
  2. Rapidly and easily check data in the field (Red, Yellow, Green LED indicator or on an Android™ device)
  3. Inform post-exposure assessments
  4. Periodically send data to a central repository
  5. Review centralized data to identify trends, minimize exposures, and guide treatment

Multiple Applications of Blast Monitoring


Identify individuals exposed to dangerous levels of overpressure, allowing for targeted medical assessment


Refine and reinforce the tactics, techniques, procedures (TTPs) based on individual and unit exposures


Correlate the exposure history of individuals to their emergent symptoms


Enroll personnel in a longitudinal health surveillance program

Key Benefits

Research suggests that repetitive exposure to blast overpressure, even at low levels, can cause concussion- like symptoms and long-term neurodegenerative disease, including: structural changes in the brain, increased PTSD, acceleration of age-associated neurological disorders, and persistent concussion symptoms. The blast gauge was built to protect soldiers from this difficult to detect threat.

Triage capable

Identify individuals exposed to dangerous levels of overpressure, allowing for targeted medical assessment.

Exposure tailored treatment

Data is transferred wirelessly to a mobile app or via USB to a PC for detailed event analysis.


The fully encapsulated design withstands weather and impact.


Blast overpressure and acceleration data are automatically collected and classified.


Load latest algorithms at time of activation.


Less than two cubic inches.


Instantly mounts to helmet, gear, and vehicles.


Quickly outfit deployed troops and personnel.


Operator privacy protected.


Route clearance, training, SOF, breaching, SWAT, and bomb squad.

Made in the USA

Proudly keeping jobs at home.


Long Lasting Battery
Single discharge battery lasts 3+ years in training or 1+ year in combat
  • 1.75” L x 1.25” W x 1” H
  • (44 x 32 x 25 mm)
Total system weight:
  • 5 oz (142 g)
MIL-STD-810G relevant elements certification
Export Classification
EAR-99 (not subject to ITAR)
500+ Full waveform events or more than 6,000 summary data events
Low-signature interrogated wireless bluetooth
Part Number

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The Blast Gauge System

The Blast Gauge System is the best tool for understanding and mitigating the long-term effects of blast overpressure exposure.


Fighting the Hidden Threat

We continue to focus on preserving health, transforming behavior, and optimizing performance in our warfighters and athletes. Our latest video furthers our mission to provide technologies that capture the data to drive change.

Cover of the The Blast Gauge System® brochure

The Blast Gauge System®

The Blast Gauge System is the best tool for understanding and mitigating the long-term effects of blast overpressure exposure. The set of three wearable overpressure sensors captures blast exposure in an easy-to-use and near- autonomous system.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need software to use my Blast Gauges and what platforms does it work on?
Software is required to set-up, activate, and scan your gauges. The software is available to download from software. You will need to register and be approved as a user on the website. Once approved, download the newest version of the Blast Gauge System Manager. The application is only supported on Windows 10. Please follow the Quick Start Guide, found in your delivery materials or at to get the Blast Gauge System App for AndroidTM devices and setup your Blast Gauges.
What mobile devices support my Blast Gauges?
The military version of the gauges (running secure Interrogated WirelessTM) require specific tablets that run Android. We recommend the latest Samsung Galaxy Phones or Tablets, although others with similar specifications may work. Contact BlackBox Biometrics to check if your device will work. The law enforcement and research version of the gauges (Commercial Version) work on most modern devices that run Android and have Bluetooth® Low Energy 4.1 or greater. Contact BlackBox Biometrics for specifics.
How long will my Blast Gauges last before the battery runs out, and are they rechargeable?
Blast Gauges run on high-capacity batteries that are not rechargeable or replaceable. With common military use in training (10% operational tempo and average temperatures), Blast Gauges last up to 3 years. In combat (30% operational tempo and exposure to temperature extremes), Blast Gauges last a year. Battery life is displayed in the apps, which is based on a predictive model using the previous two weeks of usage. When a gauge is low on battery, it will flash all three LEDs when the button is pressed; when a gauge has no remaining battery, there will be no LED response. The gauge’s Shelf Life is 5 years at room temperature.
How many blast events will my blast gauge record and store?
Wireless Blast Gauges hold 500+ full waveform events or more than six thousand summary data events. At activation, the PC app allows you to choose at which level the gauge will save summary or full waveform data. The mobile app allows you to choose which viewing method you prefer by using a quick scan or full data scan. A quick scan will run fast, but only download summary data. A full data scan is slower but will download full waveform data for any events above the full waveform threshold you set at activation.
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