Command Post Shelter

Lightweight, rapidly deployable capability designed to deliver immediate protection for command and control, communication, triage, or comfort in extreme conditions.

Key Features

Pre-fabricated design

Pre-fabricated design insures state-of-the-art performance, reliability and speed of deployment.

Ample room for equipment

Exterior canopy configuration allows the frame to be on the inside and provide ample area from which to hang equipment.

Long life and reliability

Corrosion resistant anodized patented aluminum frame with chemical resistant fabric provides for long life and reliability.

Deployed in less than two minutes

The reinforced metal frame is light yet sturdy. It can be carried and deployed in less than two minutes by two people.

Compact footprint and lightweight

Collapses into a 2.5 square foot cube for easy storage and transport.

Ensured continuity of operations

Comes with a repair kit and an anchor kit. Can be repaired if required while deployed, ensuring continuity of operations.


Available Dimensions
  • 120“L x 96“W x 87”H
  • 150“L x 96“W x 87”H
  • 179“L x 96“W x 87”H
Shelter Weight
  • 72 lb (32.66 kg)
Shipping Weight
  • 190 lb (86.18 kg)
Stored Cube
28“ x 28“ x 28”
Exterior fabric
Customer specified
Interior fabric
Part Number

Includes the following

Shelter includes:

  • 114” diameter Snorkeled Portper side
  • 2Paneled Zippered End Doorswith Velcro Strips
  • 1Ground Cloth
  • 1Anchor Kit
  • 1Repair Kit
  • 1Transport Bag

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Shelter Solutions

Family of expeditionary shelters and isolation units for decontamination and general-purpose employment, as well as a breadth of accessories for crisis response, medical contingency, and command and control of operations.

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